Elmore and Cynthia Ide Family Portrait

A family portrait of Elmore and Cynthia Ide circa 1895.

To Father and Mother from Their Girls

A 50th anniversary gift from the daughters of Elmore and Cynthia Ide, Katharine, Mary Ellen and Fanny. Illustrated by Fanny Ide.

Disastrous Fire at Passumpsic

The St. Johnsbury Caledonian's account of the 1883 fire that destroyed the original Passumpsic mill.

Lighting the Village

This post describes the electrification of St. Johnsbury streets in 1889, and a proposal by E. T. & H. K. Ide to install and power the lights from the water power in Passumpsic.

Millers For A Century

A long newspaper article from The Caledonian published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary in 1913

E. T. Ide in Indiana

A letter from E. T. to American Miller in Feb. 1914 describing the time he spent learning the milling trade in Indiana in 1865.

Millers For Five Generations

A booklet published in 1953 on the occasion of the company's 140th anniversary.

My Grandfather

The author of this biographical sketch of E. T. Ide, possibly a school project, is unknown but it may be Katherine Ide Sprague. Katherine was the daughter of Fanny Knights and Oliver Mitchell Wentworth Sprague. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, and lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a girl.


William Adams Ide's Recollections were compiled and published in 1951 as a booklet by his great nephew Donald Powell. They provide a tremendous insight into the history and the people behind the business.

A Vermont Milling Dynasty

An article from the September 1958 issue of Eastern Feed Merchant.