Elmore and Cynthia Ide Family Portrait

Elmore and Cynthia Ide's family portrait circa 1895. Clockwise from top left:

Henry Clay Ide II, 1869 - 1907. Henry was a physician who died young due to heart problems.

Fanny Knight Ide (Sprague), 1876-1942. Fanny was an artist and illustrator and married Oliver M. W. Sprague, a Harvard University professor of economics.

George Peabody Ide, 1867-1967. George was a very successful businessman, although he almost bankrupted his father in the process.

Katharine Darling Ide (Gray), 1863-1950. Katharine was a founder of Maple Grove Farms and married George M. Gray, who joined the business in 1888 and was instrumental in building it.

Mary Ellen Ide (Gates), 1871-1963. Mary Ellen was the second wife of Charles Winslow Gates, who was Governor of Vermont from 1915-1917. (n.b. I am not completely sure about that).

William Adams Ide, 1881-1957. William Adams succeeded E. T. Ide in the presidency of E. T. & H. K. Ide.

Elmore Timothy Ide, 1839 - 1923.

Cynthia Lois Adams Ide, 1844-1916. Cynthia was the only child of William and Mary Felch Adams.

A family portrait of Elmore and Cynthia Ide circa 1895.

Published 1/12/2019