Large Fire 1883

This article is transcribed from a newspaper clipping in a scrapbook. I am fairly sure it did not come from the Caledonian, since they ran a large article about the fire, and the St. Johnsbury Republican was first published in 1885. My main interest in the article is that it provides a complete history of the ownership of the original mill:


1796 First recorded sale of water power rights from John Stevens to Potter, William Kendall and son. Mill built soon after.
1804 Potter sold to William Kendall and son, mill known as Kendall’s Mill.
1808–1810 William Kendall Jr. sold to Joseph Armstrong.
Armstrong sold to Jacob Kendall.
Kendall sold to Josiah Thurston.
1810 Thurston sold to Ira Harvey and John Woods
1813 Harvey and Woods sold to Timothy Ide.


Disastrous Fire at Passumpsic 1883

Disastrous Fire at Passumpsic, The Business of the Village Wiped Out

On Sabbath morning, about three o’clock, fire broke out in the Cushman pulp-mill at Passumpsic, and in about two hours that mill, a saw-mill connected, the rake-factory of Smith & Galbraith, and the flouring mill of E. T. & H. K. Ide, were all totally destroyed. The included all the manufacturing of the village. After fighting the fire for about one hour, a messenger was dispatched to St. Johnsbury, where an alarm was sounded and a portion of the fire department responded with Torrent engine, but before the engine had gone far, a telephonic message announced that the fire had spent itself and help of that nature would be no avail.